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Details on YIGA-P©

YIGA-P® is an adapted polymer engineering plastic with unique properties. It has the same basic chemical structure as other members of the polyethylene (CH2 links) family, but the molecular structure is very different. The molecular weight of polyethylene is an indication of the number of carbon hydro “links” of the chain that make up the molecules.

Typical range of molecular weights

The molecular weight of one "link" is approximately 14 and consists of one carbon atom (C) and two hydrogen atoms (H). High density polyethylene will thus typically have a molecule consisting of between 7 000 and 21 000 "links". YIGA-P© will, however, have a molecule of between 320 000 and 520 000 "links".

These extremely long chains contribute to some of the unique characteristics of YIGA-P® which give it the following excellent properties:

High abrasive resistance

YIGA-P® has an extremely high abrasive wear resistance, and in many cases is superior to steel. YIGA-P® is not a hard plastic when compared to Nylons and Acetals and has less wearing effect on materials it is in contact with than the “harder” plastics. The molecular structure allows foreign particles to become imbedded in it and thereby reducing the wear on the contact body.

Low coefficient of friction (excellent sliding and gliding properties)

YIGA-P®  has a very low coefficient of friction, second only to PTFE. Should a bearing seize, the belt will slide over the roller with minimum wear to the belt or roller. YIGA-P also provides an extremely effective “non stick” surface. One of the major applications for YIGA-P is the lining of hoppers, chutes, silo’s and bins where problems are encountered with material sticking to the sides.

High impact strength

YIGA-P has an extremely high impact strength, which retains good values down to very low temperatures. In notched impact tests according to ISO 179, no specimen fracture was obtained. Because of its exceptional toughness, YIGA-P withstands some impact stress without cracking, even at the temperature of liquid helium (-269º C).

Non-stick surface - Water repellent

YIGA-P® does not flow at melt point. In technical terms, it has a zero MFI (Melt Flow Index). This means that YIGA-P®, cannot be processed like other polymers which are extruded, injection molded, spin or blow molded.

The only methods of processing YIGA-P® is by compression molding, ram extrusion and forging of certain items.

At the end of 2001 a YIGA-P® Idler was designed by Nylocomp in order to withstand the corrosive and harsh conditions of the Southern African mines. The tube of the Yiga-P® Idler is currently produced in Germany and stock is kept at our factory in Bronkhorstspruit.

The overall quality of the tube is far superior to any available in South Africa at the moment as this material will outlast ordinary PE, at least 5 times under all conditions and steel up by up to 10 times.